LinkedAuthority Podcast

Episode 1: Overview of the Podcast

September 11, 2019 Tracey Fudge
LinkedAuthority Podcast
Episode 1: Overview of the Podcast
Show Notes

We are launching the LinkedAutomation Podcast where we will share with the audience the tactics & strategies around social selling and the LinkedIn platform.  

This podcast has been requested a great deal by my clients and colleagues, and I'm super excited to share with you all exactly what we do in the LinkedAutomation Method. We are going to pull back the curtains and go through our exact process that we take our clients through.

The truth is….

Most people sell the “old fashioned” way.  As a result, most sales pipelines are dry.  Many leaders are very frustrated by the lack of consistency and predictability in their selling efforts.  

The truth is….

Very few people know how to use LinkedIn.  Very few people leverage it the right way.  Most people are leaving potential opportunities on the table.  

In this LinkedAutomation Podcast…

I promise you that no one will teach you what we will in such great detail.  We will have very matter of fact discussions and cover very specific details as to tactics and strategies.

This podcast will be broken into weekly episodes on how to monetize your LinkedIn network the ‘social selling’ way, all without being sleazy or salesy.  

Episode Topics will include:

  • Defining what Social Selling is Really
  • Why social selling is important
  • Why having a systematic approach to developing business relationships I so important 
  • We will break down LinkedIn for you - There's 467 million professionals on LinkedIn with 40 million decision-makers. It is a business networking platform that is growing faster and faster and faster, and if you haven't figured out how to leverage it, you're missing the boat.  
  • Why LinkedIn is important when you are NOT looking for a job, 
  •  We will go into how to rewrite a profile that speaks to your audience. You've got two areas in a profile. You've got your headline and your summary, and both of those need to speak to your target audience.
  • How TO make LinkedIn your own personal website, with media, case studies and testimonials
  • We'll also go into market message resonance and defining the buyer persona and your target market. Most people think they know who their target market is, but it's very important to learn how to speak to that target market and understand what your message needs to say and how to remain relevant. 
  • We will go into content, content planning and content curation. There is a great deal to do with messaging and content being educational and relevant to your audience, and it's very important to understand how to repurpose existing content so that you're having to work so hard to rewrite content every week, every month. We will show you how to leverage groups inside of LinkedIn.  
  • Did you know that posts can convert 96% of the time, post and conversions, so... and engagement. That means, if you post and you have conversation and you're involved inside your groups, it's huge. I love LinkedIn Groups, absolutely love LinkedIn Groups, and if you haven't used LinkedIn Groups yet, you need to start right away.
  • We will show you how to become a niche expert, an authority in your space, not just in what you do, but the type of clients you serve. 
  • We're going to show you how to remain relevant in your new database of targeted prospects. We all have something to say, but it has to converge with what they're interested in, and there lies the relevance. It's important to always remain relevant.  Did you know that, if you send a message inside of LinkedIn, there's a 30% faster engagement rate over email
  • We will show you how to put all of it together in a meaningful authentic way so you can nurture the relationships and add opportunities to you salesfunnel.